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Katie &  David

Where do I even begin.... First of all, 5 stars aren't even close too enough to give Laura and her team. We interviewed 4 or 5 planners before finding Laura. We had a good hour or so on the phone and immediately felt like we were lifelong friends. We began planning our wedding a year in advance and couldn't have been in better hands. Laura's suggestions, expertise and attention to detail made our event literally the wedding of the century. She thought of things we never even would have considered. I, being the groom and never having been married before didn't know what to expect but also tried to be as involved in everything as possible and Laura made the process enjoyable, and seamless. She is a professional and when you hire her, trust her opinion because she will ABSOLUTELY not steer you wrong. Her photographer recommendation was spot on and our pictures for both our engagement photos and wedding photos and video were done by another lovely couple and they turned out fantastic. After a year of planning, meetings, phone calls and text messages, the big day finally arrived. We set foot on the venue and saw a team of people putting up a tent, chairs, decorations, building a kitchen, etc. It looked like they were setting up Coachella a few months early and all of it was under Laura and Jackquelyn's watch. The day went perfectly, and everything was beautiful. Laura also communicated with my family over 600 miles away to plan a kick ass rehearsal dinner. This was SO important because it really set the tone for the rest of the weekend and I think we kicked things off with a bang. I have been receiving notes about not only how wonderful the wedding was and how it was literally the best wedding anyone had ever been too but also how on top of it and wonderful Josefina Events was. Laura and Jacquelyn interacted with guests, were extremely accommodating and helpful to every single person that needed them. The next day, Laura came back to check in with us and catch up, even though she didn't need to! We felt loved and taken care of throughout the entire course of planning through execution of one of the best events I have ever been too. My best friend recently got engaged and has also decided to work with Laura and her team. If you are looking to WOW your friends and family and make your day a day to remember, HIRE THESE GIRLS. The only complaint I have is that I won't be getting married again, so we can only do this with them once. But, we are looking forward to celebrating again with all of my friends who are just now planning their big days. I couldn't be happier with Laura and Jacquelyn. Not only did they help us make sure the biggest day of our lives went perfectly, but we became family in the process. Thank you again to the Josefina dream team! -David & Katie DeSantis



I don't even know where to start. Josefina Weddings and Events was money well spent. Laura and her staff went above and beyond what we hired them to do. In our initial meeting, Laura said that she would give more than 100%. This wasn't a sales pitch. She was being honest and we couldn't be happier.

There were times when things (that were out of Laura's control) were not working out the way we wanted them to work out. Laura handled every situation professionally. Her level-headed responses could calm any groom (or bride) to be. And I can't forget the best part: remember those problems that were out of her control and above her pay grade to fix? She would always come back having fixed them anyway, just because that's the kind of service that she offers.

If you're looking for a hardworking, honest, problem solver that makes it look easy, Laura at Josefina Weddings and Events is the person for you!


Adi & Rashid

Hiring Josefina was the best wedding decision I made. My husband and I wanted to get married at a house, so the wedding was very DIY. Three months before our wedding, we hadn't done much and were struggling to find time to research and vet the vendors we'd need (eg. table/chair rentals, bathroom rentals, caterers, DJs, buses to take guests to/from the venue and on and on). We were VERY stressed. I found Josefina online and their reviews were perfect, so I scheduled a time to speak with Laura and I immediately felt relieved. She talked me through the different options and it was clear because of the time frame and the DIY nature of the wedding we'd need full-service planning. And I'm so happy we did it! Jackquelyn did the most amazing job. She walked us through every decision, clearly explained the pros and cons of each option, and made recommendations (which were all spot on). She set a realistic budget from the outset, was very clear about invoicing and budgeting, and helped us stay within our budget. She was there on day-of to coordinate all the vendors and it took all the stress out of the day. I was so pleased with all the vendors! The flowers were so beautiful, the DJ was a hit, the food was delicious and the photographer/videographers were great! She made sure everyone was where they should be when they needed to be and that all the preparations went smoothly. The wedding decor was so much better than what I could have imagined/planned myself (I'm a lawyer, and have no artistic sensibility). I'm immensely thankful to Jackquelyn and Laura who guided us through the process, made it all seem easy and created the most incredible day for us. I cannot recommend Jackquelyn and Laura and their whole team highly enough!!

Cavin Elizabeth Photography - Bell Weddi


"If you are looking for the best wedding or event designers/producers on the planet, then stop your search right now because I promise you will find that in Josefina Events! Laura and her fantastic team (including Kristin, Bryce, and others) designed and produced our wedding and they could not have done a more spectacular job! My husband and I recommend them wholeheartedly to plan your wedding and/or special event.

When we met Laura (Josefina Events Founder and CEO), it was immediately clear that she is brilliant, engaging, and kind. She exudes creativity, vision, and the energy it takes to accomplish any dream you might have. It didn't take more than a couple of conversations and review of her outstanding work to realize that she and her team were the wedding producers of our dreams! We never regretted the decision for an instant.

Peter and I could not have made a better decision. At every turn, Laura and her team made the process fun, rewarding, and relaxing. She took the inspiration we gave her and turned it into an incredibly luxurious, beautiful, and fun weekend that was a joy for us and all of our guests! Throughout the process, the Josefina Events team introduced us to an A-list group of vendors who made the event planning a breeze. She and her team turned our inspiration into a reality that FAR exceeded expectations, and we truly had the wedding weekend of our dreams! She also respected our budget throughout the process, which was so appreciated. Most importantly, Laura and her team became valued friends throughout the process. For example, she and her team found creative and beautiful ways to honor the spirit of my late mother throughout the wedding weekend. We truly connected and she understood how much my mom means to be, and that was reflected in such moving and tasteful ways at our wedding.

Josefina Events is the BEST wedding design and production team in Coachella Valley (and quite frankly, anywhere!). We can't recommend them highly enough to plan and produce your special day!"



Laura and her team were such an integral and intimate part of our special day that it feels a little weird to write a "review" for her. But in the interest of sharing with the world how wonderful she is and why you should jump at the chance of working with her, here goes:

If you care enough to be looking for a wedding planner, chances are your wedding is extremely important to you. With your loved ones gathered on a day full of little moments you want to remember for the rest of your life, you need to have someone who is seasoned and who you can fully place your trust in. Laura is that friend who always has your best interest at heart, who will relentlessly fight on your behalf, and who is not afraid to be honest with you when her experience tells her that something you planned may not play out as you had hoped.

In planning a wedding, you will be dealing with lots of vendors, contracts, and delicate coordination. If you are not a professional event planner, it can get a bit overwhelming juggling it all. Laura and Kristin are the allies you need on your side who will find the best deals for you and clearly communicate with you each step of the way. 

Putting things in terms of dollars cheapens how highly we think of Laura and her team. But if that's what matters to you, the savings that Laura can get you - through her list of vendors and her negotiating skills - alone is worth what you would be paying her. The true value of working with her comes from having someone with so much heart and so dedicated to channeling all of her expertise in making the day special for you.

Thank you, Laura, for all of your hard work. You put up with our many weird requests, you took it all in and still were able to make our wedding an amazing and memorable day for us and our guests