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AnnaMarie &  Daniel

When we found Josefina Events, our wedding was in a difficult spot. We were having two ceremonies, a native ceremony on Friday followed by a western wedding on Saturday, and we had lost our original planner. This made the whole process very complicated for us to manage. One month out from our date, we had all of our vendors booked (venue/food, DJ, photographers, etc.), but COVID was resurging, we faced shortages of flowers, and we were facing challenges left and right. We needed a superhero to help us get our wedding rolling, and we found her!

From our first call with Jackquelyn, we knew that we were in good hands. Jackquelyn took the reins and helped us stitch together all of our vendors into a unit, plan our day carefully, and take care of all the little details that make the experience special for our guests (signage, heel stoppers, you name it). She connected us with great rental and floral vendors, and she even went to scope out the venue in advance to make sure our table layout would work properly. She managed vendors and guests across multiple cultures with great respect.

Even more, Jackquelyn helped keep the day running smoothly. Anytime a vendor asked us for something, we’d just point them to Jackquelyn, who would handle it with consummate professionalism despite the dual ceremonies, multiple venues, and compressed timelines.

Perhaps the biggest vote of confidence is that our family hired her to plan my brother’s wedding which will take place in a few months. Thank you so much!



My husband and I got married at the courthouse, but we still wanted to celebrate our love with our family and friends. We hired Josefina Events and had the pleasure of working with Jackquelyn. She was on top of everything! We didn’t have to worry about a single thing. It was organized, exactly how we wanted it, and so much more. It was a special day for my husband and I, and we are extremely grateful for Jackquelyn!


Adi & Rashid

Hiring Josefina was the best wedding decision I made. My husband and I wanted to get married at a house, so the wedding was very DIY. Three months before our wedding, we hadn't done much and were struggling to find time to research and vet the vendors we'd need (eg. table/chair rentals, bathroom rentals, caterers, DJs, buses to take guests to/from the venue and on and on). We were VERY stressed. I found Josefina online and their reviews were perfect, so I scheduled a time to speak with Laura and I immediately felt relieved. She talked me through the different options and it was clear because of the time frame and the DIY nature of the wedding we'd need full-service planning. And I'm so happy we did it! Jackquelyn did the most amazing job. She walked us through every decision, clearly explained the pros and cons of each option, and made recommendations (which were all spot on). She set a realistic budget from the outset, was very clear about invoicing and budgeting, and helped us stay within our budget. She was there on day-of to coordinate all the vendors and it took all the stress out of the day. I was so pleased with all the vendors! The flowers were so beautiful, the DJ was a hit, the food was delicious and the photographer/videographers were great! She made sure everyone was where they should be when they needed to be and that all the preparations went smoothly. The wedding decor was so much better than what I could have imagined/planned myself (I'm a lawyer, and have no artistic sensibility). I'm immensely thankful to Jackquelyn and Laura who guided us through the process, made it all seem easy and created the most incredible day for us. I cannot recommend Jackquelyn and Laura and their whole team highly enough!!



After catching him in a series of lies, the coordinator I had hired quit six days before my son's 200 guest wedding! Fortunately I had done all the planning and contracting myself so I tapped every source I could think of to find a last minute "day of" coordinator. I was blessed to find Jackquelyn and she calmly took over five days before the wedding! She reviewed all the contract, contacted the vendors, reviewed all my plans, etc. She was out of town so this was down remotely and we never met until the morning of the wedding, however her calmness and organizational skills put me at ease during what could have been a horribly intense week. The wedding went off without a hitch and no one was the wiser. I cannot imagine what Jackquelyn could do with more that five days to prepare!!

0226 WED Goelz  Efken.jpg

Ellie & Christie

Well worth every penny spent. Josefina Events (Jackquelyn) displayed expertise and care throughout the wedding process. She has a very thorough and organized process that helps set their high standard. She was almost like a personal assistant throughout the actual wedding day; something I wasn’t expecting. Initially, I thought we don’t need a wedding planner, boy was I wrong. Weddings are very stressful and require many behind the scene details, something you don’t realize until it’s time to plan your own. Thank you, Josefina Events!!

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